Art Direction, Graphic Design

Museu Blau de Barcelona

Exhibition design for artist Nasevo, who creates artwork from smell. Deaf since his childhood, smell becomes both a passion and a profession for Ernesto Ventós, the artist’s birth name, who is also a renown fragrance maker. The exhibition is designed for all audiences with an emphasis on children, and goes through the theory behind the creation of fragrances in a playful way.

The exhibition space, in Museu Blau of Barcelona, is divided by vertical strips of fabric containing the written information, resembling the paper strips used to smell fragrances. The space, furniture and graphics aim to enhance the artwork and accompany it in a subtle way. In one of the areas, the 11 olfactory families are explained through artworks complemented with smelling devices providing an olfactory experience to the users. In another area, touch becomes the tool to identify the three ways of classifying the artwork, so the labels of each artwork are created with real cork, stone or faux animal hair.

The artwork is very colorful and has a lot of presence, so the structures that hold it are simple and delicate to give space for the artwork itself to speak.

Client: Museu Blau de Barcelona
Concept, graphics and space: Els Altres
Museography: David Urgell
Fragrances: Lucta
Date: February 2018 Barcelona

Art Direction, Graphic Design